This is a whole school policy which applies to all sections of the school, including Early Years, Out of School Care and Clubs. The guidelines in this policy apply to all members (pupils and staff) of the School community.

Person responsible for this policy: Head of Primary

Date of Policy Review: August 2016


Bridge International College in Cairo aims for every pupil to prosper within a respectful, supportive and caring community.


"Bullying is the intention to hurt another, physically, verbally or emotionally and to put him/her under stress".

Such intimidation is inflicted, and often repeated, by individuals or groups who are more powerful. Observers to incidents of bullying can be considered as complicit.

Bullying includes:

Verbal bullying: name-calling, taunting, mocking, making offensive comments, behavioural bullying: kicking, hitting, pushing, taking belongings, harassment, threatening, inappropriate text messaging and emailing, sending offensive or degrading images by phone or via the internet, producing offensive graffiti, gossiping, excluding people from groups, spreading hurtful and untruthful rumours.

Cyber bullying is equally unacceptable and includes using electronic means such as social websites, mobile telephones, text messages, email and photographs etc.

Reasons for bullying may vary. Some types of bullying may relate to race, culture or religion. Others can be related to learning differences, disabilities, appearance, health conditions and to sexist or sexual bullying.

Bullying results in serious consequences for the target of bullying, which range from psychological damage (loss of confidence, depression, etc.) to physical injuries.


The school seeks to emphasise on a day-to-day basis, the following:

It is the responsibility of the school community, adults and pupils alike, to maintain the values of integrity, ethics and concern for others.

All members of the School have the right to remain free from bullying or the fear of bullying.

All members should feel safe and confident to report any concerns related to bullying knowing that those concerns will be taken seriously and investigated by those competent to do so.

Bullying is not tolerated at Bridge International College in Cairo and will have serious repercussions.


A pupil who is being bullied, witnesses bullying of someone else or suspects that someone else is being bullied should report the incident to a staff member; a form tutor, Head of Year, Head of Section, the School Sister or anyone they feel able to confide in.


Staff: An adult who has concerns about the bullying of a pupil or a colleague should tell the Head of the relevant section of the School, who may discuss the concerns with the Designated Person for Safeguarding.

Parents: A parent who has concerns about their children or about any other pupil in the School should inform an appropriate member of staff


Cases of bullying or suspected bullying will be vigilantly and carefully investigated. All those involved will be given a fair chance to explain the matter with an appropriate person. Incidents of bullying or suspected bullying will be recorded by the Head of Section. If an incident of bullying is proven, a written record of all pertinent matters will stored centrally and will be used to identify any patterns in bullying.

Bullying is a clear violation of the pupil and staff Codes of Conduct and the full range of sanctions available throughout the School may be used to deal with cases of bullying where found and confirmed (see Behaviour policy). On the other hand, malevolent accusation of bullying behaviour, if found to be untrue, will be treated very seriously and involve grave disciplinary sanction.


The Heads of the Pre-Prep, Lower, Middle and Upper Schools will make a regular report to the Headmaster. All incidents will be recorded, any patterns identified and the effectiveness of the action taken will be monitored. The Headmaster may make this information available to the Governors.


The School aims to educate all students and staff as to the consequences and repercussions of their actions in the eyes of others.

Responsible behaviour and anti-bullying guidance is a common theme in the programme of Assemblies led by the Heads of Sections and the Headmaster.

In addition, The Heads of Early Years, Pre-Prep, Lower, Middle and Upper School regularly address issues of responsible behaviour with their School Sections and with individual Year groups, targeting reports of social exclusion of groups or individuals where appropriate.

Friendships are promoted across Year groups and school staff foster support for students. Anti-bullying is purposely addressed within the PSHE programme.

Individual 'buddies' are used to integrate new pupils to School and classes from Pre-Prep (Years 1 and 2) onwards. Peer mentors, such as Upper School pupils working as helpers within the Lower School, offer peer support to younger pupils.

Professional counsellors and youth workers run a weekly drop-in clinic to talk with pupils in the Upper School and also make themselves available to be contacted by parents. When appropriate the Headmaster may also write to individual families, Year groups or the whole school in relation to specific concerns or wider anti-bullying initiatives.

Staff guidelines regarding appropriate behaviour towards pupils and sanctions to be used are included in the Staff Handbook. Staff and senior pupils conduct duties around the School during break times, assisting in reducing the potential for bullying. Specific Year groups issue specific instructions each term regarding the appropriate use of areas.

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