School Policy

This is our whole school policy which applies to all sections of the school, including Early Years.

Date of Policy Review: Nov. 2015

Attendance Policy


Regular attendance at school is important for a student’s social and educational welfare. Pupils who miss school, for whatever reason, can experience a loss of self-confidence and social isolation as well as having gaps in their learning.

Our objectives for this policy are to guarantee good attendance, discourage tardiness and to ensure that a full attendance record is kept and for the administration of the school be aware of all persons present on the school site at any one point in time


Records are taken every morning:

  • Early Years: 09:05
  • Pre-Prep: 08.45
  • Lower School: 08.30
  • Middle and Upper Schools: 08.30

Authorised Absence

Authorised absence is where the school has either given approval in advance for the child to be away or where an explanation offered afterwards has been accepted as satisfactory explanation for absence.

Parents may not authorise absence; only schools can do this. Should school staff have reason to doubt that the explanation offered about a particular absence is not genuine; the absence should be treated as unauthorised.

Children are not allowed, without permission from the Head, to leave early or to be absent for any cause other than illness or emergency. 3 Early Years Parents are required to telephone the Early Years secretary (---------) or to email ----------------- before or on the day of a child’s absence from school, by 9.00am, with a reason for the absence.

Years 1 – 8:

Parents are required to telephone the dedicated absence line 01003973731 and leave a message or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before or on the day of a child’s absence from school, by 9.00am, with a reason for the absence.

Absences may normally be authorised for the following reasons:

  • Illness
  • Emergency medical appointments
  • Family loss (for a limited duration)
  • Involvement in a public performance
  • Off-site examination
  • Senior school visits
  • Tardiness (when the child arrives before the register has closed and offers a satisfactory explanation)

However increased amounts of authorised absence may often be as harmful to the child’s stability of learning. The school will therefore only sparingly authorise absence and after careful consideration, especially where children have a history of irregular attendance.

Leave of Absence:

The Headmaster is exclusively allowed to authorise absence for family holidays during term time in exceptional circumstances, and only in advance. If parents would like to make a request for leave of absence for a child they must complete a Leave of Absence Request Form, which is available on the school website or in any of the Section offices, and return it to the Section office at least two weeks in advance of the planned absence. The parents will be notified about the outcome of the request by email.

Unauthorised Absence

Unauthorised absence is where no explanation has been given for the child's absence or where the explanation offered is considered by the school to be unacceptable. 4 Absence will not be authorised in the following circumstances:

  • No explanation is offered by the parent within 2 working days of the absence
  • The explanation offered is unsatisfactory.
  • Family holidays (which are taken without the school's prior consent or knowledge and/or are in excess of any time agreed with the school)
  • Tardiness when the child arrives after the register has closed and fails to offer a satisfactory explanation


Repeated tardiness at the beginning of a school session can amount to a failure to attend regularly for the purpose of Section 444 of the 1996 Education Act.

The school monitors lateness and, where necessary, parents will be contacted by their child’s Head of Section or the Deputy Head.

 Persistent Absence

The school inspects the attendance of students and parents will be contacted if their child’s attendance falls below 90%, whether or not the absence has been authorised.

Parents will be asked to meet with their child’s Head of Section or the Deputy Head to discuss their child’s attendance

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