At BICC, we believe that a respectful, peaceful and secure learning environment promotes the emotional wellbeing of students and plays a crucial part in their intellectual development.

Therefore, we urge students to adopt the highest standards of behaviour, sound principles and moral values and to respect the ethos of the school. Through our curriculum and co-/extra-curricular opportunities, we aim to teach our students the following morals:

  • Trust and mutual respect for everyone.
  • Good relations and tolerance.
  • Good manners
  • Qualities of team-work and leadership


The Code of Conduct and Rewards and Sanctions Policy are explained to pupils in an age-appropriate manner through:

  • Year or Section Assemblies
  • Notices in classrooms and around the school
  • Class teacher time
  • Character Building lessons


Information about the code of conduct and rewards and sanctions are communicated to parents through the Student Handbooks, which are distributed at the beginning of the academic year and will also be posted on our website.

Heads of Section will also address these issues with parents in person at curriculum evenings in September.


Heads of Section distribute the Code of Conduct and Rewards and Sanctions to staff at the start of the academic year. They are discussed and reviewed regularly in staff meetings. 



Some behavioural misconduct may lead to Students being excluded from the school by the Headmaster for a set period of time or permanently. ‘Internal exclusion’ may also be implemented, where students are not allowed to attend lessons or break time activities and are required to study on their own under the supervision of a member of staff.

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