Health and Safety Policy

Here at BICC, we place great importance on health and safety matters. Our intentions are to always ensure that our students are in a safe and comfortable environment. We are constantly working to promote the health and safety of all our pupils, employees, visitors and the general public. To this end, BICC will endeavour to create and develop a working environment in which there is an awareness of the vital importance of health and safety and which encourages all employees to participate in developing and practising safe working methods and to have regard for the welfare of themselves and others.

All new staff will be issued with the School’s Health and Safety Policy as part of their contract which they will be required to sign to acknowledge their agreement to abide by all the School’s Policies. Existing staff should ensure that they have read and understood this Policy, copies of which are posted in all staff common rooms. We are confident that all employees will comply with their obligation to act in a safe manner and will fully co-operate with the School’s Governing Body in matters of health, safety and welfare.

Management and Supervision  

All those with responsibility for the management or supervision of staff and/or students must ensure that the tasks carried out by themselves and  their subordinates are performed with the utmost regard for the health and safety of all involved. This task will be undertaken by:

  • Ensuring that on joining the School all new employees are fully familiar with health and safety matters appropriate to their duties including accident reporting, emergency procedures, fire precautions, code of safe conduct and the location of first aid boxes;
  • Providing adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of employees and pupils;
  • Ensuring that all staff are familiar with the School’s health and safety at work policy;
  • Co-operating in and participating in the investigation of all accidents and code of assessments and inspections;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of good housekeeping standards;
  • Reviewing the safe operation of all work equipment;
  •  Within their area of authority, regularly inspect the workplace with regard to the suitability of equipment provided for the health and safety of employees, check work methods and practices to ensure safe systems of work and inspect arrangements for the use, handling, storing and transport of articles and substances;
  • Carrying out Risk Assessments within their departments and maintain a record of their findings.

Safety Representatives

At BICC, we believe that each and every individual has a personal responsibility towards safeguarding themselves and others. However, we have decided to have dedicated ‘Safety Representatives’ to ensure that all measures have been taken to prevent accidents and/or injuries.

The function of safety representatives is to represent employees and the student body on health, safety and welfare matters. To this end, management will consult with BICC safety representatives to enable them to be fully effective.

The safety representative will:

  • Investigate potential hazards and dangerous occurrences, examine the causes of accidents and investigate complaints from employees relating to health, safety and welfare and make representation to the School on these matters;
  • Make suggestions to the School on general matters affecting health, safety and welfare;
  • Carry out periodic inspections of the workplace, and follow up notable accidents, occurrences and diseases;
  • Attend Health and Safety Committee meetings.

Health and Safety Committee

The BICC Health and Safety Committee will be responsible for co-ordinating the implementation of the health and safety at work policy and will keep under review measures taken to ensure the health and safety of students and employees with the objective of promoting co-operation between the management and employees.

The Health and Safety Committee will:

  • Review statistics with a view to recommending corrective action;
  • Examine safety audits, inspections and assessments;
  • Consider legislation, reports and information in order to determine necessary action;
  •  Keep a watch on the effectiveness of rules, systems of work, training and communication;
  • Identify any health and safety issues and advise on the need for corrective action.

The Committee will meet bi-termly and the minutes will be displayed on School notice boards.

Code Of Safe Conduct

At BICC staff and students are expected to adhere to the School’s Code of Safe Conduct. Both parties are required to:

  • Conform to the health and safety at school policy, all health and safety rules and signs, fire precautions and emergency procedures.
  • Ensure that they understand and follow the safe operation of their duties;
  • Report all accidents, near misses, potential hazards and damage immediately.
  • Use and properly look after any protective equipment or clothing provided;
  • Not interfere with or misuse anything provided for the health and safety of students and employees.
  • Refrain from acting in a way that could endanger themselves or others;
  • Refrain from running, especially on stairs or steps.
  • Keep work areas tidy and clear of obstructions;
  • Report the spillage of any liquids, tracked in rain etc. immediately.