School Uniform

Encouraging the pupils during early stages to consider the way they dress and appear is indeed part of the character building process BICC is proud of. The College has partnered with Perry Uniforms, one of the best school uniform designers and makers in the world, based in London and with their manufacturers in Leeds, United Kingdom - Parents/Guardians agree to purchase uniform exclusively for their children from the School uniform partner. Orders are to be placed online directly by the parents and shipped from England to the student’s home address or bought from Perry Uniform’s show rooms across England. Refunds and exchanges are allowed, as per the uniform partners own terms and conditions. Samples and sizes are available on the campus for outfitting. Customs and shipping cost may apply if ordered online. Sizing and fitting rooms are available on campus from early August every year.

girl summer dresssport whiteHooded sweatshirtBic junior blazer