Taking a lot of little steps towards maturity is one of the intangibles of going to boarding school.

BICC is working towards proving A boarding section as a residential school for 25 students on a first-come bases where pupils can live and study during the school year.

Day pupils’ live with their families and return home at the end of the school day or week. This mix helps to create a good social atmosphere and allow our specialists to work on exploring personal skills and individual charactership building.

Our School is co-educational, teaching both boys and girls where classes are mixed, but accommodation is separate.

Below the age of 7, children can attend boarding schools as a day pupil. From the age of 7 and upwards, children can attend as either day pupils or boarders. Boarding fees will apply.

We believe in many reasons to go to boarding school. The academics, the athletics and the extracurricular activities are just a few considerations. For senior students who are getting ready for college life, It's never easy to leave the nest. It makes more sense to make the move a few years before college. Students will absorb the fact on how to cope with life and all its many high and low points within a community of peers.

All of this is happening under the watchful eye of your teachers who are mentors, not baby-sitters.