Buses and safe  transportation

We expect that many parents will rely on our supervised school fleet of transportation provided to get their children to school. We undertake duty of care for the safety of pupils and this duty extends to pupils using school transport. Buses and coaches taking pupils to and from school are subject to specific policy on safety standards.

BICC will ensure the suitability of its employees and any drivers by undertaking the required safeguarding checks on those whose work or other involvement will bring them into contact with children. This include training in the implementation of health care protocols to cover emergency procedures and safety considerations for bus drivers, taxi drivers and escorts, as necessary. Related services also will be undertaking appropriate training, and that will be kept up to date.

The School has a unique monitored and protected  underground route and parking facilities for school buses that will ensure that all drivers and escorts taking pupils to and from school are doing that through a safe and secured environment.

All coaches and minibuses carrying groups of children of 3 to 15 years of age on organised trips will are required to be equipped with seat belts and will be mechanically controlled to travel relatively slowly, over short distances, with frequent stops.