Tuition Fees

Subjected to terms and conditions the following are the fees and different charges for year 2017/2018. All payments are due at invoicing and payable within two weeks of invoice date. All fees are non-refundable.

1) Application Fee: The Assessment Fee of £180 is a non-refundable fee paid by parents of candidates when they file an application for registration. Assessment for candidates will be made prior to the assessment interview.

2) Admission Fees: The Registration Fee of EGP 4,000 is a one-time payment for all new students and payable only upon acceptance of an offered place at the school.

3) Annual Tuition Fees*:

The tuition fees are calculated on an annual basis and represent the costs for the full academic year. The Tuition Fee is paid in three instalments and a full year payment receives a 4% discount.

Grade Tuition Fee* (EGP)
Nursery and Reception 72,000
Year 1 - Year 4 88,000
Year 5 - Year 6 94,000
Year 7 - Year 9 111,000
Year 10 - Year 11 121,000
Year 11 - Year 12 138,000

4) Transportation Fees: Bus Fees are calculated on an annual basis and are paid in three instalments. Full year payment receives a 4% discount. Other dicounts may apply on a discrationary basis.

Area Transportation Fees (EGP)
Fifth Settlement 9,775
Rehab / Mirage 10,450
Maadi / Mokattam / Heliopolis / Nasr City 12,800 
Madinaty / Sherouk / Oraby / Obour 13,400 
Zamalek / Manyal / Giza / Haram 14,350
6th October/ Alex Road


5) Examination Fees: Parents will be invoiced separately for students taking external examinations.

6) Refundable Fees: All Newly enrolled students from 2017/2018 onwards will pay a refundable EGP 10,000 no-interest bearing deposit payable back upon the final departure of the student.

7) Students' Exchange Costs: Each and every student at BICC will have the opportunity to study a full semester with our twin school in London in a boarding facility post for his/her third year of enrolment. The costs of the students' travel, schooling and accommodation are free and included in his/her annual usual Tuition Fees.

8) Other charges: Other fees and charges will include the uniform cost, building fund, optional lessons and clubs, camps and summer programmes. 

*Tuition Fees are payable in Egyptian Pounds. When Applicable, official currencies conversion rate at the beginning of each academic term may apply. Other charges will apply like; Books Charges, Uniform, Personal Tablets, Exams, Local Authorities Registration Fees, Nutrition, Shadow Teachers.